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The Meaning of the Amethyst Stone


Thailand is known for selling the most beautiful precious stones from around the world. You’ll see many rubies, sapphires, jade, and diamond stones but none of them compare to the dazzling amethyst.


Although Thailand does not have any natural amethyst stones, they are still a dominant country in the precious stone trade. Many people from all over the world come to Thailand to buy sparkling jewels for a fraction of the price.


Amethyst is a popular jewel because it’s not too expensive like the ruby or various colored sapphire stones. This is a gem you can easily find under $20 USD in Bangkok or nearby cities in Thailand.


We’ll explore why amethyst is on everyone’s souvenir wish when they come to visit Thailand and where you can find the best gems in Bangkok.


History of Amethyst


The amethyst stone has been around for thousands of years, the stone even dates back to the era of ancient Greece. Funny enough, citizens of Greece would wear amethyst because they thought it would keep them from getting too drunk (who knows if it truly worked)! Nowadays, the stone is most known for being the birthstone for those who are born in February.


Some of the most stunning amethyst stones come from eastern Asian countries and South America. The main amethyst deposits are in Sri Lanka, Siberia, and even in Brazil. A true amethyst jewel will have the best clarity, which makes the purple colored gem dazzle in the sunlight. Other amethyst stones that are cheaper are more cloudier looking or they are not true amethyst because they have been through the process of synthesis.


During the synthesis process, a process known as hydrothermal growth occurs and this is what grows the crystals inside of the amethyst. The synthetic amethyst turns the cloudy amethyst into a clearer one. This can increase the value of the stone, but not by much since it is not at its full potential of clarity. Depending on your budget, the synthetic amethyst is more affordable while still showcasing the beautiful purple hue found in the gem.


The Meaning of the Amethyst Stone


The amethyst stone has been tied with spiritual and divine powers since it was first worn by previous ancestors. Many spiritual healers use amethyst in meditations because it is said to help clear the mind. Many healers recommend putting an amethyst stone by your bed if you have trouble sleeping. The stones energies will help clear negative energies that might be causing stress or insomnia.


In chakra meditations, the amethyst is said to strengthen psychic abilities and open the Third eye. The Third eye is believed to be the eye that sees into the metaphysical spiritual world and the amethyst stone helps people focus in on their clairvoyant abilities. Because the amethyst is centered around one’s intuition, the stone is also said to bring out one’s passions and creativity. Therefore, if you’re feeling like you’re in a creative rut, it is best to buy an amethyst stone to clear away the mundane energy.


Buying an Amethyst Jewel


As we mentioned before, amethyst stones and jewels are found throughout Thailand and the capital city of Bangkok. With so many different options, you won’t have a hard time finding the stone or gem you like. If you’re looking to shop for a variety of amethyst, and even other precious stones in general, you’ll want to go to the Central Chidlom department store.


The Central Chidlom department store has plenty of luxury shops so you won’t have a problem finding a jeweler. Another excellent place to buy amethyst, especially a high-end amethyst jewel, would be the Jewelry Trade Center of Thailand.


Located in the district next to Chidlom, the Jewelry Trade Center of Thailand welcome jewelers from regions all over the country and countries nearby. You might be in luck and find a true Siberian amethyst, which are the most beautiful amethyst gemstones.
If you’re still looking to book a hotel that’s in the center of the city, check out the Centre Point Hotel Chidlom. This location is perfect if you were planning to visit the Central Chidlom department store and the Jewelry Trade Center of Thailand. View more of our accommodating rooms and see why we get the best reviews in Bangkok.