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Kid’s fun at Centre Point

TK Park: Fun for the Whole Family near Centre Point Chidlom

Bangkok is a popular place for families with children to visit during the summer months. At Centre Point Chidlom, we see an increase in the number of younger guests enjoying the hotel facilities at this time, so we thought we’d take a moment to highlight a local family-friendly attraction that visitors of any age can enjoy. In particular, we’re recommending that families visit TK Park, which is located near Centre Point Chidlom.

TK Park is a 21st-century learning centre that focuses on promoting strong reading habits in children. It accomplishes this through a series of inspired learning zones and creative workshops that are both fun and educational. No doubt, this is what libraries of the future will look like, and it offers families in Bangkok a fun alternative to the usual tourist scene.

TK Park is a true multimedia space characterised by bold colours and striking, futuristic design. Computers and IT infrastructure factor heavily into the experience with the hopes of fostering a generation of tech-savvy learners who are unintimidated by technology. This is very much a local space, with graphics and music that are Thai-inspired. But there’s plenty here to engage children from all over the world.

Highlights of TK Park
This learning park is divided into separate zones, each with its own specific goals. These zones include the following:

  • Learning Auditorium
  • TK Inspiration Box
  • Virtual Reality
  • Music Library
  • Mini Theatres
  • IT Library
  • TK Music Library
  • Quiet Room
  • Children’s Room
  • Reading Park
  • Mediatheque

There’s also a coffee bar for Mum and Dad, and an Open Square where visitors can express their ideas, share knowledge and join in experiments.

Each of the zones features its own set of activities. Children can search for and play their favourite songs in the Music Library or pick out a book in the Reading Park. Many of the resources are in Thai language, but there are also options in English and Mandarin.

Amongst the most popular on-site attractions are the 3D reading desks. Children can climb inside these ‘reading pods’ and curl up with a book. They can choose from fiction, non-fiction, magazines and journals. Once your kids have experienced TK Learning Park, they’ll wish they had a similar facility to enjoy back home.

Getting to TK Park from Centre Point Chidlom

TK Park is perfectly located for families that are staying with us at Centre Point Chidlom. It’s located on the eighth floor Central World shopping mall, which is just down the street from the hotel. As it’s just over a kilometre away, you could easily walk there along Langsuan Road, ascending to the skywalk when you reach the BTS Skytrain.

However, Bangkok is admittedly hot this time of year, so we recommend taking advantage of our complimentary tuk-tuk shuttle service instead. Our shuttle driver will drop you off at the BTS, at which point you can take the escalator up to the skywalk, safely cross the road and breeze into the air-conditioned comfort of Central World.